We wish to confront by innovative means the maintenance problem of the so-called "dirt" roads, that is, the unpaved roads, and basically of yards at large, aiming at a definite quality improvement in performance with the consequent cost reduction results.

The current solution is the use of a grading blade, subsequently needing a manual intervention (ever more expensive and thus in lesser use) to finish off and fix the more evident anomalies and carry out the drainage side cuts. We wish to supersede the grading blade currently in use with an integrated front cutting/levelling system, together with optional humidification, vibrocompacting and side cutting for drainage. This solution does not need any backfill gravel, since it completely recycles the original excavated material.

- Actual length: 2 m
- Advancing speed: from 10 m to 40 m per min
- Necessary power: 100 HP - DT
- Weight: 1990 Kg

- Side cutter PATENTED MODEL

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