The VERGES CUTTER S.P.61 provides a maintenance service on the sidewalks leaving a road surface perfectly levelled and without any remaining material. S.P.61 removes the verges up to the surface road, giving it a further slope up to the 15%. The operation can be made by a single worker and it allows the traffic flow. The VERGES CUTTER S.P.61 can also create new drains changing the slope. The VERGES CUTTER S.P.61 removes and throws the pulverized vergeŇ s material away at variable distances, thanks to a rotor equipped with tools that exploit the centrifugal force. The VERGES CUTTER S.P. 61 is operated by a HP 100 tractor by the power takeoff at 540 rpm. It is connected on the arms of the rear lift and on the 3 hydraulic point, all the adjustments are made by hydraulic cylinders.

- Weigth: 1620Kg
- Power: HP 80 min, HP120 max
- Avaible width: mt. 1
- Foward speed: 300 m/h


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